If you are interested in writing or you have a hobby that you want to write to someone else or in other words, you have a website or blog, then you can use that blog as well as through an advertisement you can earn a good income, Here I am telling you about some Pay-Per-View program, which is a great source of online income.

PAY-PER-VIEW ADVERTISEMENT(Pop-Up Advertisement):- As is known by name, pay-per-view means that if your blog or website opens to a user, an advertisement will open on its computer screen, which is also called pop ads, and the number of people who view that ad, the advertising company will pay you according to their terms & conditions, This is a great way to earn online but if you have placed a pop ad on your blog or website then your user may have a lot of trouble using your website or blog. So you have to make your blog or website so that people can open it again and again.

I have given website links to many online advertising companies and when you start work, read carefully the terms & conditions of that advertising company, because if you did any wrong thing against the company’s terms & conditions, You can be banned.

Here I cannot tell you anything related to Pay-Per-View Earning as it Depends on Different Countries because the ad price is different in different countries, but still, there are good earnings in it; In the work, too many people have become very successful, and have earned millions.


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